Jan 262011

• Final Days for the Introductory Discount
• Exciting New Columns by Matthew Wood & Jim McDonald!
• Call for Letters
• A Sneak Peak at Issue #2 Topics


Plant Healer  is the new quarterly journal of the contemporary Folk Herbalism resurgence – a downloadable, illustrated, full color PDF magazine dedicated to the further informing, inspiring and empowering of all you practicing herbalists and advanced herbal teachers, ardent students and impassioned beginners, naturalists, conservationists and activists, informal community healers and unrepentant plant fanatics… as well as everyone taking any responsibility for their own basic health needs and those of their loved families.

Memberships include:
• 4 Issues of the Plant Healer Journal, over 130 pages each, over 500 pages total!
• Over $200 worth of member bonuses and benefits including event discounts, audio,  video and art!


Introductory Special Ends Feb. 1st

There is only a very short time left until the special $37 introductory rate for memberships ends, and subscriptions return to the regular $57 per year rate… a $20 discount until Feb 1st, 7PM M.T.


Call For Your Letters

Plant Healer will include a regular “Letters To The Editors” section, reserved for your feedback and suggestions, praise or complaints, relevant stories and sharings.  Send your letter no later than Feb. 15th to be included in the second issue, to be released the first week of March.


Issue #2 Sneak Peak

• Matthew Wood launches an invaluable new quarterly column featuring never before published excerpts from his upcoming books, beginning with “The Energetics of The Cardiovascular System”
• Jim McDonald gives us an insightful introduction to his great new “Foundational Herbcraft” column, which will also be appearing in every issue from now on
• 7Song’s second installment of his vital botany column is on “Identifying Flower Parts”, and includes lots more of his awesome photos
• Paul Bergner continues his treasured thought and action provoking column appropriately titled “The Herbal Rebel”, helping set the both reflective and responsive tone of this magazine
• Rebecca Lerner introduces the spirit and precepts as well as importance of “Urban Foraging”
• Charles Garcia follows with a challenge to us to create semi-legal “Urban Secret Gardens”
• Wolf Hardin’s column explores the power, effects and consequences of the language and metaphors that herbalist’s and other healers use, and he also writes a very personal “Tribute To Michael Moore”
• Kiva Rose contributes not only her deeply personal quarterly column, but also expanded versions of her new “Botanical Approaches To Respiratory Tract Therapeutics”, “Evergreen Enchantment”, and the defining of  “Folk and Traditional Herbalism” and how these terms apply to us and our work and calling
• Phyllis Light writes wonderfully on down-home Poke
• Robin Rose Bennett powerfully covers the very effective Elder
• Ananda Wilson provides an excellent monograph on Birch
• Henriette Kress offers a case study Alopecia areata
• Katja Swift writes about “Life After Hormonal Birth Control”
• Rosalee de la Foret covers important herbal approaches for pain
• John Gallagher continues his regular “Marketing and Outreach” column with more useful considerations and tips
• Sean Donahue takes a close and balanced look at potentially highly consequential GMP regulations
• Ustya Tarnawsky’s  fun herbal rrban guerilla art project is featured and illustrated
• Kristine Brown’s ongoing Herbal Sprouts column for kids features an article written specially for Plant Healer: “The Herbs of Spring”
• Loba adds enchanting story and delicious recipes to the Traditional Foodways department
• Rachel Brownlee also contributes again, with “Food & Reflections From The Appalachian Mountains”
• Nicole Telkes gives us “Medicine As Resistance As Medicine”, profiling the Festival de las Plantas Medicinales in Mexico, and drawing the connection between traditional healing practice and folk herbalism activism and empowerment

Plus much needed Herbal Humor and Parody, 10+ Framable Art Posters
and Hundreds of Color Photos


Membership Subscription Benefits & Gifts

When you purchase a year’s membership to Plant Healer Magazine, you’ll receive a special code giving you access to your own personal member’s page on the Plant Healer site, where you can login to download the current full color PDF edition of the journal, available in high resolution for printing, medium and low resolution versions for those with slow internet connections, plus a 3d magazine version that you can actually flip the pages of while online without needing to download.

As a member, you are also invited to download and enjoy what will be a periodically rotated number of exclusive gifts such as:
•Audio recordings of TWH Conference concerts and classes
•Video recordings of TWHC classes and concerts
•Special teaching aids and bonus articles by Kiva available nowhere else
•Color artwork by Jesse Wolf that’s suitable for framing
•Discounts on upcoming events and available Anima herbal courses

That’s 4 issues of approximately 130 pages each, 500 pages total, the equivalent of a large full color book, plus $200 or more worth of bonuses, for only $57…
or $37 prior to 7pm MT Feb 1st

To Subscribe go to the:
Plant Healer Magazine Website

For an introductory look, take a look at the:
Plant Healer Magazine Free Sample

To Advertise, download the:
Plant Healer Media

To Submit articles or art please download the:
Plant Healer- Submission Guidelines

We also welcome your help with the growing of this community and movement.  On the Plant Healer website you will find downloadable banners for linking to, and a color Plant Healer poster you might print out and post in appropriate places.

To download a general Plant Healer Introduction for friends or posting, click on:
Plant Healer Invite

….And thank you so much for networking this announcement.
-Jesse Wolf and Kiva Rose (editors)

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