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Plant Healer: A Journal of Traditional Herbalism exists to inform, inspire and empower the many thousands of impassioned students and practicing herbalists, conservationists and activists, informal community healers and everyone taking responsibility for their and their family’s basic health care… a grassroots approach to the study and use of plant medicines.

Plant Healer showcases a broad range of voices and experiences, from the leading teachers and authors of our time to previously undiscovered practitioners with vital insights, from traditional Appalachian root doctors and feral wildcrafters to accredited urban herbalists and unpaid volunteers working in inner city free clinics – encouraging a living community of care givers – exploring, supporting and disseminating the herbal traditions and folk practitioners of the Western world.

Plant Healer is defined not only by its articles and profiles, but also its full color pages, exciting layout and unconventional feel, enchanting illustrations and evocative photographs, doing their part to open the reader to new worlds and ways of thinking.

Plant Healer serves that traditional and grassroots community, working closely with allied organizations and individuals like you.

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Plant Healer: A Journal of Traditional Herbalism accepts prepared display ads from businesses and organizations whose products and approach we can most recommend. This includes herbal and other health practitioners, herbs and herbal supplies providers, authors and publishers, schools and web resources, and other closely related endeavors. Your ads help fund the production and continual improvement of the Plant Healer, while helping us to keep subscription rates relatively low so that we can get it out to the maximum number of readers.

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